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The My First Job In Film Academy

From understanding the lifecycle of a feature film to 12 months of mentoring and support. The MFJF Academy can help progress your career, no matter what stage you're at.


Rowland D Alumni 2017

Join the My First Job In Film Academy!

The My First Job In Film Academy not only connects you with industry professionals, it can broaden your knowledge and understanding of the film industry, which is an essential component to finding success. Through a variety of events and opportunities, the Academy can provide you with the chance to elevate your career to the next level. 

The Academy scheme includes two levels of support, making sure all our members benefit from the opportunity. 

If you're new to the industry, our Up And Running - A Film Industry Induction programme, delivers information on job hunting, how a feature films moves from conception to exhibition and how to make a success of your first day. For members who have gained a certain level of experience, the Academy Pro scheme offers a day of intimate advice sessions with members of the industry and an aftercare and advice package. 


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        The next Academy Pro will be annouced soon.

"The day was centred around providing us with excellent career advice, opportunities and indicating the next best steps to advance our careers"

Samuel F.  Alumni 2017 - Development

How can I take part in the Academy?

If you are a Pro member of My First Job In Film, then you can apply for a place on the programme! When new dates are announced, you will receive an email letting you know when and how to apply.

However, before you apply, consider what stage of your career journey are you at? 

We break down our membership in the following ways:

Stage one: No professional industry experience. You may have just graduated from college, university, or you're considering a career change. 

Stage two: You will have some work experience placements, internships or production roles on short films/micro budget under your belt. You have begun to lay the ground work for your CV and have started building on your knowledge of the film industry. 

Stage three: A CV that has over three production credits on feature films and/or TV dramas, or full time paid positions within the non-production areas of the film industry.

If you're at stage one or two of your career, you will benefit from applying to the Up and Running programme, which will broaden your knowledge and give you the opportunity to ask questions of industry members. 

If you're at stage three of your career and looking to receive that extra push from a mentor - apply for the Pro option. 

Up and Running - A Film Industry Induction

This programme is an induction into the film industry, focusing on career paths and the skills you need to prepare you for your first day. To find out how to take part, click below.

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Academy Pro

Suitable for My First Job in Film members who are at stage three of their career journey, with a clear understanding of their career path and professional experience under their belt. To find out how to take part, click below. 

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When should I apply

The Academy scheme runs at various stages of the year, so keep your eyes on our newsletter and the website for opportunities to apply.


      APPLY NOW!

        The next Academy Pro will be annouced soon.


A group of our members were invited to attend the first ever Academy Pro event earlier this year. With a strong idea of which next steps they would like to take in their careers, they took full advantage of their opportunity to meet with award-winning producers including Richard Holmes and Paul Trijbits. The group embraced the chance to have meaningful discussions with them and also had the time to network with each other. 


Rowland D  Alumni 2017 - Production Assistant

Academy Alumni

Rowland DANIEL
Rowland Daniel
Academy Pro June 2017

"The first MFJF Academy day was a fantastic opportunity to network alongside fellow members, converse about similar work experiences and express shared passions for Film and TV, while also learning from experienced producers."

Amber Chester
Amber Chester
Academy Pro June 2017

"I feel like MFJF is a very nurturing environment, I'm here at the Academy day and they want to learn about us. I've been asked questions "what do you want" and "how can we help you?" so again,  with all the advice and the jobs, specifically for people with less experience, it's a very good place to go."

Sophie Matthews
Sophie Matthews
Academy Pro June 2017

"Don't be shy. All you can do is ask for opportunities, and they might say no and the world carries on. So don't be shy, get in there and get stuck in." 

Samuel Francis
Samuel Francis
Academy Pro June 2017

"The Academy day with MFJF was fantastic, the company really made a sincere effort to aid young filmmakers such as myself and give them a foothold with individuals in the industry who we might not have been able to access previously."