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November 2017 | My First Job in Film

After much deliberation, we can finally reveal the winners from MFJF's Screenwriters Showcase...

Last month we ran the MFJF Screenwriter's Showcase which attracted some fantastic entries from talented screenwriters, all eager to get their work into the hands of the right people.

We are happy to announce our five winners, whose scripts caught the attention of judge Paul Walters. 

Well done to everyone who submitted their work, and if you weren't successful this time we look forward to welcoming your next entry in the new year.

The final five.

Eve Poppleton

Eve graduated from Oxford last year and went on to undertake two development internships. After taking some time out to attend the National Film School, Eve now works as a freelance story development researcher, as well as helping out at a local primary school. Her script, PARIS, was inspired by real events in her brothers modelling career. You can follow Eve on Instagram @scripttoscreen.

A coming of age drama following a Brighton schoolboy as he navigates the brutal world of high fashion modelling. The series gives an insight into the underside of fame as Paris juggles normal teenage life and an incredibly cutthroat adult career.

Neevon Khayati-Daryan

After gaining an MA in Scriptwriting for Bournemouth University, Neevon worked as a freelance script reader before landing his current position as an office assistant in scripted development for Banijay Media.

Neevon writes in his spare time and likes to focus on high concept storytelling and irreverent characters. His favourite film is Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs + Jeff Goldblum = happiness. We couldn't agree more!

Two of Us
Together for the first time a year after breaking up, Miles and Erica must escape a fantastical theme park built to contain the memories of their failed relationship.

Kieran O'Brien

Kieran is a writer and musician from Bromley, Kent. With a strong passion for both music and film, he enjoys the works of artists such as 'Bob Dylan' and the 'Rolling Stones'.  Kieran is currently working on a music project entitled 'Pretty Pink Flowers', which stems from his love of combining music and cinema. 

Road Kill
Unable to remember the night before, a radio DJ is forced on the run after he discovers a body in the trunk of his car.

Nick Bamford

Nick joined Bournemouth University in 2010 as Senior Lecturer in TV Production after a 35-year career in radio and TV. Nick has previously worked on staff at the BBC and has more than 20 years experience as a freelance Producer/Director in all kinds of programming, from factual entertainment to TV drama.  Nick has also written for the theatre, with productions such as Rough Trade (Bristol 1988) and Queer Counsel (Arts Council funded tour, 2004) being produced for the stage. 

Bangkok Butterfly was written as the artefact for his PhD by practice, completed last year.

Bangkok, ‘where fantasy comes to life’ is the backdrop for this engaging story of two brothers in search of a new life.  A tale of betrayed love and lost innocence, inspired by Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, Bangkok Butterfly throws a 21st century light on the themes of East meets West, cultural misunderstanding, sex tourism and exploitation.

Dan Iacono

Dan is a recent MA graduate of the University of Kent and an ardent cinephile. Alongside his love for film, he’s also deeply passionate about music.

Russell is an introverted, middle-aged divorcee working as a teacher in a small English suburb. Between caring for his ailing mother and spending time with his teenage daughter, Russell struggles to cope with the guilt of a past misdeed. A sparked romance with a co-worker gives him some solace, but the introduction of a mysterious man to his workplace throws Russell into crisis. As he debates whether or not he should confront the man, Russell’s anxiety and paranoia begin to alienate him from the people he cares for most. 

Working Title to launch new film school.
What are the first steps if you want to work in the production office.

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