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September 2020 | The Guardian

7 Hours on Earth has just seen a world wide release. Nothing unusual in that, but this film is made by the pupils and parents of a south London high school, Graveney.

"7 Hours on Earth is a modern adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Sharpe picked the Shakespearean comedy for its humour (“A lot of the scenes, we could hardly work for laughing”) and for its three-strand storyline (“easier to schedule and shoot”). Having taught the play several times in English, she knew it was one of those best received by students. In this version, the lovers are pupils whose friendships and relationships are messily entangled, and the workmen’s scenes are told through the imminent curtain rise on the school play. The final piece of the puzzle came with the decision to make the fairies disembodied aliens downloaded into human form, baffled by the workings and love interests of teenagers...."

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