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October 2020 | The Guardian

Avatar 2 is finished at number 3 is 95% there - but have we lost our appitaite for the big budget spectatualr?

"If James Cameron’s Avatar were a pop song it would be Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, an epic concoction that brings immense joy the first time it is experienced but eventually becomes nulled by its cultural ubiquity. Or perhaps Spaceman by Babylon Zoo, a startlingly popular effort that never got the follow-up it required to make its creator anything more than a cosmic one-hit wonder.

Or so we might have thought until this week, when Cameron emerged from the creeping cobwebs of time to announce (to Arnold Schwarzenegger, no less), that Avatar parts 2 and 3 are almost ready. Avatar 2, apparently, is done and dusted, while Avatar 3 is “sort of 95% complete”.

We have heard similar rumblings of activity many times over the past decade since the second-highest-grossing movie of all time hit cinemas. That was, of course, a different era: a time when cinema-goers were still excited by the prospect of watching a movie in 3D, and would happily pay through the teeth to do so. It was also before holes the size of the Grand Canyon ..."

To read the full story click HERE ... 

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