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Gerry Meehan

   Production credits   

About Gerry

I have worked on two features, once as a Camera Trainee (Hope Gap, 2019, William Nicholson) and once as a Video Assist Trainee (Dram Horse, 2020, Euros Lynn). I have also have done work experience as a Camera Trainee on the high-end Sky series, Temple and commercials and promos. The DOP Anna Valdez-Hanks BSC has seen potential in me and call me back on jobs. I have been searching for a long job to develop and noted for reliability by a crew that would take me forward on to further jobs. Camera Department professionals have noted in references that I am enthusiastic, reliable and energetic. They also note that I develop rapidly and integrate cooperatively. I have also been called back as a camera assistant in e-commerce. I am well aware of what is needed to move on to another camera set-up and the rearranging of video. I have gained a professional set etiquette and understanding of the requirements of efficiency, initiative and diligence to create the methodical work flow needed for a successful production. I am fully competent running batteries and setting up monitors and have had experience rigging at ARRI Rental. I was commended for my attitude and work ethic by the director while doing full-time work experience on the camera floor at ARRI Rental. In that capacity I took the opportunity to test and assemble everything needed for a camera set-up for high-end production. I had access to the complete range of ARRI cameras to test and Teradeks, BNCs, Rain Deflectors, Focus Pulling handsets, Monitors, Batteries, Cinetape, Matte Boxes etc. I would prepare full kits to go out to crews and rig them as a means of troubleshooting any problems that may cause issues on set. Working closely with Clapper Loaders and DITs and having largely work as a DIT in my first role as a camera trainee, I am well versed in media management and have assisted Clapper Loaders in labeling and formatting cards and keeping the flow of mags going between the set and the DIT. Last year I was paid for my own production of a promotional video for a leading brand shot with my own set-ups on a DSLR which I edited on Premiere. I practice street photography. I am a film graduate and previously worked as an English teacher before taking the opportunity to make the transition into Film and TV to work towards what inspires and motivates me.

Locations I would like to work
Production areas I would like to work in
Camera Trainee / Assistant
Non-Production areas I would like to work in

Showreel & Photographs

Skills & Experience

Software Experience

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier
Final Cut
MS Word

Production Experience

Camera Trainee/Assistant. Hope Gap, Feature Film Production
Production Company
Origin Pictures
Jul 2018
Approx. duration
1 Month

Camera Trainee/Assistant. Rain Stops Play, Short Film
Production Company
Manic Blondes
Jun 2018
Approx. duration
2 Days

Floor Runner / Set PA. Yankari (Band) - Enyimba (song), Music Video
Production Company
Mr. Foy
Oct 2016
Approx. duration
2 Days

Sound Trainee/Assistant. The End of the Earth is My Home, Feature Film Production
Production Company
Metal Dragon Films
Oct 2010
Approx. duration
2 Weeks


Trinity College Dublin
Film Studies and English Literature

Floor Runners Bootcamp
Floor Runners Bootcamp

2015 - 2016.
Filmbase Dublin
Screenwriting for Low/No Budget Features


Anna Valdez-Hanks
Director of Photography, Hope Gap

e , Tel : 07799 624 291

Jonny Stillwell
2nd Assistant Camera, Hope Gap

e: , Tel : 07941 471 004