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profile picture

Elizabeth Henshaw

About Elizabeth

I am 17 years old, and have an ambition to work in the media industry. I have energy and drive and would love to have the opportunity to experience a work placement from such a huge, successful company, such as yourselves. Work experience will support my enthusiasm within this fantastic industry and allow me to use my creativity, to create enjoyable motion pictures, but also allow me to enjoy my passion for film, television, and the technology within it. I am willing to work all over the UK. My main hobbies are:  • Writing scripts in my spare time, as I love to delve into the depths of stories and characters • Designing and making clothes • Reading • Acting on stage and in front of screens, where I can explore psychological minds of characters and portray them in my own interpretation • Creating films to express an ideology through a storyline; I find it amazing how a piece of art projected on a screen can control someone’s emotions and I would love to explore this further I am currently in the second year (year 13) of 6th form and have just completed an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). For this qualification I wanted to highlight the affects divorce has on children, from a child’s perspective. To make my voice heard I constituted a film documentary called “Divorce; The Effects on Children”. Which analyses aspects of divorce, through the eyes of six different children, of different ages. It illustrates the mental trauma they endured, the after effects of divorce, what helped at the time, what didn’t help, and how the situation could have been handled better. For my Media Coursework I completed a Teen Drama television programme trailer, aimed for an E4 audience. It shows stereotypical trailer conventions of a Teen Drama. Where I developed my editing, acting and directing ability. For my English coursework I created an original script based on the themes of mental health and how it can lead to teenage suicide. I wanted to delve into such a deep topic, because not only is it a current affair in our modern society but also, I wanted to learn more about this subject, and how people going through struggles like depression and anxiety really feel, as it’s still not expected to discuss openly. I’ve heard many opinions from different age’s about what they think of the stigma of suicide and being mental ill their opinions were: some dismissed it, some didn’t accept it, some laugh, some cried and I wanted to portray that within my written and if ever on a screen. My main strengths: • Excellent social skills • Creative -coming up with original ideas • Excellent team working skills • Extremely extroverted and likes to stand out in a crowd • Smartly dressed • Loves and very passionate about television, films, and everything about them. Through work experience with Company, I hope to learn the foundation rules of how you operate within the industry and gain an insight into what’s behind the screen; this experience will give me greater knowledge of all aspects of this industry and allow me to better shape my future.  

Locations I would like to work
Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, London
Production areas I would like to work in
Producer's Assistant, Director's Assistant, Cast Assistant
Non-Production areas I would like to work in
Film PR, Scriptwriter

Showreel & Photographs

Skills & Experience

Software Experience

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier
After Effects
Cinema 4D (Maxon)
Final Cut
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint
MS Word


A Level.
Media Studies: A*, English: A, Drama: A, Extended Project Qualification: A

Business Studies: Distinction

English Language: A*, English Literature: A, Maths: C, Science: C, Drama: A*, Geography: B, Art: C, Textiles: B