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Emily Hale

   Production credits   

About Emily

I am and always have been a lover of films, books and video games alike! Surrounding myself with fanciful media from a young age, I have always leaned more towards the fantasy world often being told that people think I would much rather live in a fantasy world than our own! Well that's simply not true, whilst there is some truth behind it, my passion lies with bringing the fantasy world into our own! I make cosplay costumes and props in my spare time, both as commissions for other people and for myself. I first got into this through making props out of whatever materials I could find, mostly junk lying around the house and from there I slowly upgraded to better more efficient materials. I decided to hone my craft in 2014 by attending Northbrook college to pursue a degree in theatre arts, specialising in prop making. However, this is not where my love affair with the film industry began. I decided to take up Media studies whilst in secondary school, as I had recently begun to recognise that I wanted to do more than just appreciate films from afar, I wanted to be involved in their process. Be that directing, script writing or animating, to name a few. I was eager to get stuck in. After secondary school I decided to take up Media Production at college level where I learned of my love for production. I thoroughly enjoyed pre-production tasks such as the script writing and story planning. I also enjoyed post-production, editing was one of my favourite tasks of all, piecing everything together and watching the film come to life was quite something. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the animation project, specifically the stop motion short that we had to produce. Whilst we were only provided Plasticine and lego, I loved the process of moving the lego man across the set we had built. It took hours for him to move around the set but it made it all the more rewarding to see him walking about as if he were really alive.

Locations I would like to work
Essex, Hampshire, Sussex
Production areas I would like to work in
Floor Runner / Set PA, Art Department Assistant
Non-Production areas I would like to work in
Animation, Scriptwriter

Showreel & Photographs

Skills & Experience

Software Experience

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier
MS Powerpoint
MS Word

Production Experience

Props Maker. National Astronaut Day, Animation
Production Company
A+C Studios
Jul 2018
Approx. duration
1 Week

Director. Our Fragile Love, Student Production
Production Company
EHale Productions
May 2014
Approx. duration
2 Weeks


Northbrook College Sussex
Theatre studies

Film Studies: Merit