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By Jamie MacLean
  • Producer's Assistant
  • Production Assistant
  • Director's Assistant
  • Distribution
  • Scriptwriter
  • VFX
Growing up in a remote area of Scotland, most of my childhood was spent indoors playing video games, the options I had for activities and interests were very limited. I was lucky enough at the age of 7 to have the opportunity to become a member of the local amateur dramatics group where I developed a very strong passion for Performing Arts and elected to follow that passion into College and University. I like to remind everyone on occasion that my ultimate goal in life is to be the next Doctor Who - it's a bizarre drive in life but it does the job. I spent four years studying Acting & Performance between Edinburgh College and Fife College before progressing to the University of Sunderland for my final year - graduating in June 2018 with a BA (Hons) in Drama. While my main focus has been acting and performance, the various modules offered on the University program allowed me to explore different avenues of Film Production and inspired me to start working towards developing my own Film Production Company. As part of my Live Project assessment, I tasked myself with producing a Short Film using only technology that is primarily considered an 'everyday' item for people - the intention being to prove that anyone with enough passion and determination can make a film, that low incomes or budgets should have the power to hold back creativity. Over the course of eight months, I single-handedly wrote my own script, cast my own actors, directed and filmed scenes across various internal and external locations, edited the footage together in post-production and even found time to portray one of the characters within the film as well. While the sound and visual quality of the finished piece could do with some vast improvements, I was able to fulfil what I set out to do and in May 2018, 'Dead Romantic' was published online, receiving a First Class Honours. Following my graduation, I am now looking to continue developing my own Film Production Company, under the name of Scope Industries, and producing short films. My plan is to continue to work within the University of Sunderland as a Student Society and creating original material and grow the company from there, branching out across various Universities in the country but I will be the first to admit that before any of that can happen, I need to hone in my personal abilities in production which is exactly why I'm now actively searching jobs and opportunities within the industry that will help me to do exactly that.

Dead Romantic - Short Film

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Added October 2018

Scope Industries presents Dead Romantic - a short film directed by Anthony Fulton in May 2018 as part of a Live Project Assessment at the University of Sunderland. This film was produced without a budget using equipment and software freely available to aspiring filmmakers.In the city of Riverhope, two girls are called into questioning by the mysterious Inquisitor Corvus. An incident has taken place that has shaken the girls to their core leaves them feeling broken and guilty as they recount a tale of love, loss and obsession.Starring Jayden Blacklock, Zoe Connel, Catherine Black, Anthony Fulton, Ally Louise, David Frith and Mahri Forrester, this film delivers an emotionally captivating story destined to bring a tear to the eye. Written and directed by Anthony Fulton and featuring music by Mattia Cupelli, Arn Andersson and Nights Amore.