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By Emily Barton
  • Producer's Assistant
  • Production Runner
  • Director's Assistant
  • Script Reader
  • Scriptwriter
I have a number of interests but my overriding passion is for TV and film. I thoroughly enjoy watching a variety of genres and ages of film, from ‘The Breakfast Club’ all the way through to ‘Ex Machina’. One of my favourite actor’s to watch is Audrey Hepburn, after first seeing her in ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’. Not only do I admire her enthusiasm on-screen, but I idolise her off-screen too. Her passion for dance and acting inspires me to peruse my own aspirations, alongside her role of raising money for those less unfortunate, both, when she was younger, in secret performances to help troops fight in WW2, and as a humanitarian in her later years. Alongside watching a vast number of classic movies I love reading, visualising how I would bring them to life on-screen. In addition to this I have written various screen plays and stories, with numerous ideas still to write down, most of which I want to publish one day.
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Added September 2019