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By Andy Wong
  • Production Assistant
  • Lighting Trainee / Assistant
  • Production Runner
  • Post Production
  • Script Reader
  • Scriptwriter
I'm working on a lot of my own projects in order to gain experience in directing for film. After the lockdown of 2020, I intend to work on more of these and collaborate with others in order to help us all show what we can really do!

Muddle: The Web Series S01E00 A Muddle Christmas (starring Arlindo Peti, shot on an iPhone)

Viewed 17 times
Added September 2020

A web series based on a short film I made called Muddle, about different people who work for a fictional intelligence agency called Section 7.Actor and executive producer Arlindo Peti suggested we do a Christmas special so I wrote this quickly and we shot it all in just one afternoon with one iPhone 8 since we would do it guerilla style partly inside the Tate Modern!It was a fun shoot with a challenge of doing a lot with little by using free to use public locations and some visual effects, we only had two actors who did three roles, I hired a voice actor to do one a central voice acting role (the AI), and I did some voice acting myself too for another voice only role.