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Volunteer Art Department Assistant

London, 5 Days

Oct 8th 2019

13th October 2019
This role is closed

Volunteer Art Department Assistant

This is an unpaid voluntary role for a charity or educational body, offered for you to improve your skills, experience and meet new filmmakers. Reasonable expenses should be covered.

An NFTS Student production is looking for art department assistants.

KISS CHASE is a coming of age drama about identity, maturity and belonging. The story follows ten-year-old Nadine, as she navigates playground politics and her increasing lack of self-worth. Through a game of kiss chase she's suddenly introduced to the idea that image is currency and unfortunately for Nadine, her tomboyish ways are unappealing to boys. As Nadine embarks on a mission to overhaul her look, to her surprise, she captures the attention of 13-year-old Danny and finds herself in an unexpected position.

Our film will be shot in 2 locations in London, a school and an apartment.

As part of the art department you will be assisting the production designer, Eva Calland-Waller, in creating a world set in 1994: set dressing interior school locations with props and furniture, helping build a playground shed and set dressing it too, and transforming a current day flat into an 90s family haven. You will be on set during shooting so will get invaluable insight into the filmmaking process.

Travel expenses and lunch will be provided.

We will need assistance from 9th -14th Oct for setting up and striking sets, but our shooting days are the 10th-13th Oct.

We look forward to hearing from you!