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Script Reading Work Experience Scheme

Nationwide, TBA

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Script Reading Work Experience Scheme

We run a remote work experience scheme, offering We run a remote script reading work experience scheme, offering candidates the opportunity to learn from experienced producers and exposure to working on scripted and/or documentary feature films, short films, and television.

The purpose of this work experience scheme is to give you experience working with professional film scripts, you will be asked to write reports, receiving feedback so you can improve your skills. In addition, we want you to gain an overview of film development and production through general research. The hope is that you walk away from this scheme with increased knowledge, confidence and new skills to help you with your career.

This role will require the candidate to work remotely, and as such is open to candidates nationwide.

The placement hours are very flexible, we want to provide candidates with a placement that best suits them. We will always aim to shape the placement around what area of film the candidate wants to work in, for example, if the candidate was more interested in working in horror feature films, we would focus their tasks around our horror film slate when possible.

The candidate can expect to gain skills and experience in the following areas: Pre-production, production, fundraising, marketing, social media marketing.

No experience necessary.